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What is public health in healthcare?

Public health in healthcare is the collective effort to promote and protect the health of the population. It involves both preventive measures, such as promoting healthy lifestyles, and reactive measures, such as providing healthcare for those that are ill or chronically ill. Public health looks at the big picture and seeks to address the underlying causes of illnesses and promote health and wellbeing across communities. It involves a variety of strategies, from the individual level up to the national level, and requires collaboration between health professionals, policy makers, and the public. Public health is a cornerstone of overall wellbeing, and its impact is far reaching.

  • Mar, 15 2023


What are the roles of public health?

Public health plays an integral role in promoting and protecting the health of the population. It focuses on preventing illness, injury and disability, and works to provide access to care and services for all. Public health professionals are responsible for assessing health needs, creating awareness and educating the public, advocating for public health initiatives, and researching evidence-based solutions to improve health outcomes. Additionally, public health professionals monitor and report on public health trends, and work to ensure that all members of society have access to quality healthcare services. Public health professionals are dedicated to the well-being of the community, and strive to ensure the health of all citizens.

  • Mar, 14 2023