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Is high school mandatory in the US, and when did that happen?

As a high school graduate myself, I understand the importance of secondary education. In the US, high school is not federally mandatory, but each state has its own compulsory education laws, usually requiring attendance until the age of 16 or 18. This practice started in the early 1900s, with the first state to require high school attendance being Massachusetts in 1852. The purpose of making high school mandatory was to provide a well-rounded education for all citizens and to prepare them for the workforce. Today, high school attendance is still an essential part of the American education system, and it's crucial to understand its significance.

  • May, 28 2023


Why is high school health education such a joke?

High school health education is often considered a joke because it tends to be outdated and lacks the depth needed to truly educate students about their health. Many times, the curriculum focuses on fear tactics rather than providing practical information and fostering open discussions. Additionally, instructors may not be properly trained or qualified to teach these subjects, leading to misinformation being passed on to students. Furthermore, the limited time allotted to health education in high schools prevents students from fully understanding and retaining the information. Overall, these factors contribute to the perception that high school health education is not taken seriously and fails to adequately prepare students for their future health needs.

  • May, 26 2023


What is a high school degree?

A high school degree is an educational credential that demonstrates a student has completed the requirements for secondary education. It is typically awarded after four years of study, usually at a public or private high school, and is a prerequisite for higher education and career opportunities. High school diplomas are awarded to students who have successfully completed their coursework and met the required standards set by their school and state. A high school degree is important for pursuing post-secondary education, securing higher-paying jobs, and gaining access to a wider range of career opportunities. With a high school diploma, students are better equipped to pursue their goals and dreams.

  • Mar, 27 2023